Longevity Peach Cake

Longevity Cake

In Chinese culture, the longevity peach symbolizes immortality, said to have granted a long and healthy life to those who consumed it. Our longevity peach cake is a vanilla spongecake filled with a mixed fruit cocktail and covered in marzipan.

Mini marzipan peaches decorate the edge of the cake and it is finished with a marzipan covered chocolate plaque with the auspicious Chinese message: 福如東海 壽比南山 (meaning, to have never-ending good fortune flow to you like the waters in the Eastern Seas, and to have a life as long as the trees that grow on the Southern mountains). Please note if you would prefer a different message.

Serves 45-60 people.


Allergen Notice: Products may contain wheat, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, milk, and soy. For more information, please send an email to info@fayda.com