Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

Spicy Slaw Chicken Sandwich

Sweet Topping Bun

Also known as pineapple bun or “bo luo bao” for its appearance, this soft bread is baked with a sweet and crumbly cookie-like topping.

Sweet Topping Coconut Bun

A soft bun filled with coconut and baked with a crumbly sweet topping.

Sweet Topping Custard Bun

A soft bun filled with sweet egg custard and baked with a crumbly sweet topping.

Sweet Topping Red Bean Bun

A soft bun filled with red bean paste and baked with a crumbly topping.

Roast Pork Bun

Also known as “cha siu bao,” this classic bun is filled with our blend of Asian-styled barbecued pork and sweet onions.

Taro Bun

A soft bun filled with sweet mashed taro.

Multigrain Flax Bun

Soft, whole wheat multigrain bun with flax seeds and raisins.

Cream and Coconut Bun

Almost like a dessert, this bun has sweet vanilla buttercream piped inside and is sprinkled with coconut flakes.

Dried Pork Bun

Soft bread topped with mayo and savory dried pork.

Corn and Ham Bun

A soft bun topped with a blend of sweet corn, ham, and creamy mayo.

Garlic Bun

A savory bun topped with our blend of garlic butter.

Switzerland Bun

A twirl of soft bread brushed with simple syrup.

Hot Dog Bun

Similar to Pigs in a Blanket, this is an all-beef frank wrapped in our signature fluffy bread.

Lemon Puff

A soft bun filled with tangy lemon jam, then wrapped with a flaky puff pastry.

Sweet Potato Puff

A soft bun filled with creamy sweet potato, then wrapped with a flaky puff pastry.

Plain Sweet Bun

A soft and buttery bun with a hint of sweetness.

Plain Bun

A plain, savory bun topped with sesame seeds.

Raisin and Cheese Bun

A soft bun lightly frosted with a sweet and creamy blend of cream cheese and raisins.

Chocolate Walnut Bun

Swirls of chocolate and chopped walnuts baked in a sweet bread, topped with sweet cream.

Tuna Bun

A soft bun filled with seasoned tuna and topped with a buttery crisp layer.

Milk Cream Bun

Traditionally known as the cocktail bun, or “gai mei bao,” this soft bun is filled and lined with a sweet milk cream.

Hot Dog Wrap

Franks made of 100% beef with lettuce, sweet mayo, and ketchup wrapped in a soft bread.

Dried Pork Wrap

A wrap filled with dried pork, egg, lettuce, and drizzled with mayo.

Ham and Egg Bun

Ham and baked egg sandwiched between a soft bun.

Lettuce, Ham, and Cheese Bun

Ham, American cheese, lettuce, and mayo sandwiched between a sweet soft bun.

Fish Sandwich

A baked, panko-crusted pollock fillet on a bed of lettuce with tartar sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

Green Pea and Scallion Twist

A savory bread braided with a blend of scallions and green peas.

Denmark Twist

A fluffy soft bread braided with raisins and glazed with a lemon jam.

Almond Danish

Baked until flaky on the outside, this soft and buttery danish is topped with a blend of almonds and sugar.

Cheese Danish

Flaky and buttery soft bread topped with Gouda cheese.

Mini Coconut Bun

A small and aromatic bun rolled with sugar and shredded coconut.

Mini Chestnut Bun

A three-pocket bun filled with sweet, creamed chestnuts.

Taro Puff

Sweet taro filling wrapped with a light and flaky crust.

Lotus Puff

For those with acquired tastes, this is a flaky pastry filled with a ginger-spiced lotus seed puree and a century egg.


A French classic with thin layers of buttery, flaky dough.

Chocolate Croissant

Flaky croissant dough filled with chocolate.

Ham and Cheese Croissant

Ham and American cheese wrapped in a flaky and puffy croissant.

Peach and Almond Creme Danish

A flaky pastry baked with frangipane, topped with a piece of peach.

Apple Puff

A turnover made with a flaky pastry and sweet cinnamon apples.

Roast Pork Puff

A blend of Asian-styled barbequed pork and sweet onions wrapped inside a crisp and flaky pastry.

Curry Beef Puff

Beef perfectly seasoned with curry, wrapped inside a flaky puff pastry.

Chicken Puff

A savory blend of chicken and onions fill this buttery and flaky pastry.


A popular bread in the Philippines, this brioche is lightly brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar.

Multigrain Flax Loaf

A loaf of multigrain bread made with whole wheat, flax seeds, and raisins.

Sweet Butter Loaf

Soft and buttery sweet buns baked into a round pull-apart loaf.

Coconut and Raisin Loaf

A loaf of soft bread with sweet shredded coconut and raisins.